Along with the rapid development of advanced technology in the world, people increasingly believe in the health benefits of massage chairs.

Using massage chairs with 6 benefits for your health (part 2)

In fact, the number of people buying massage chairs increases dramatically every year. We gradually realize that the use of massage chairs is not only simple for the purpose of relaxation, but also effective in reducing aches and pains. rather than therapeutic purposes

Learn more about the effects of massage chairs

Let's explore 6 benefits of using massage chair below that you may not know



Studies today show that massage chair treatments help to significantly reduce stress symptoms both physically and psychologically. A simple example of performing a small experiment on a child's body The measures of consuming oxygen blood pressure cortisol level in saliva were lower after using massage chair from 10-15 minutes

According to the annual statistics, stress diseases account for 25 billion USD for annual medical treatment and about 95 billion USD for lost labor productivity. So a full body massage chair is The simplest but most effective solution to reduce fatigue and stress in a society that is full of pressures from every aspect today

Massage chairs help you to relax the best


The human body is a very intelligent machine When you work too hard your body will start voicing the muscle mass will become tense and painful. These are the signs that it is time for the body You need to be taken care of Instead of ignoring these symptoms and continuing your work listen to your body and spend more time properly resting

Full body massage chair is an ideal solution to help you relax and enjoy the full life in your own modern apartment. Special massages are Shiatsu massages (reflexology massage from Japan). Japan) will help you relieve muscle tension, eliminate aches and pains, and relax your body After a stressful and tired working day, enjoying time with a massage chair is a great gift to you. from heaven for yourself


There are two components in the massage chair that help improve blood flow. move and press at important points on the body to help promote blood circulation, improve blood flow in the body. Refer to massage chair models 2018 with Shiatsu massage feature

Massage chairs improve blood flow

This helps

     Increase recovery rate after injury

     Eliminating toxins from the human body

     Stimulating enzymes helps the body deal with pain and stress

The second component that helps improve blood flow is the zero-gravity massage feature that reclines and returns the body to an equilibrium position that helps reduce the weight and pressure on the spine to spread the pressure evenly throughout the body. At this zero gravity position, blood is sent to all areas of the body to help improve blood circulation

Take a look at some models of zero gravity massage chairs so you can choose for yourself a good health care massage chair

zero gravity massage chair


You may not know it, but a 45-minute full body massage helps increase the number of lymphocytes in the body. Lymphocytes are lymphocytes that help protect the body and fight diseases that are responsible for immune reactions. The body's increased lymphocyte production means that your body is less likely to get sick and your body's immune system is able to fight off common illnesses like the common cold or cold. regular flu

Experts say that every time a massage chair is used is enough to produce and measure significant changes to the body's endocrine and immune responses.


The lymphatic system plays an important role in the blood circulation in the human body. This is the drainage network that helps balance the body's fluids and protects the body from infection.

While the heart will pump blood throughout the body, the lymph does not use force to move them throughout the body. The lymph only moves in the body when you breathe and work the muscles. Lymphatic fluid will tend to accumulate in the body resulting in inflammation

Using genuine massage chairs with the reclining position will improve leukocyte circulation to help fight inflammation and disease in the body.A practical example is that after a hard working day you will

A regular massage chair will have 4 to 5 items automatically. But with high-class massage chairs will be upgraded with more modern features such as 4D roller technology, zero gravity massage program, improved foot massage mode, ..

In addition to the usual features such as full body massage, stretching massage, neck and neck massage, hip and waist massage, airbag massage, ... high-class massage chair models now have more modern features. Over the history of many years of establishment and development, massage chairs are increasingly upgraded with many preeminent features, better meet the needs of care of users.


Surely we all hear about 2D, 3D and 4D roller technology in massage chairs. However few people understand these concepts well.


History of massage chairs from the early days with 2D roller technology. The 2D rollers help massage on a 2-dimensional plane, only massage in 2 directions up and down, between 2 left and right to create the movements of massage, punching, tapping, stroking, .. In the improved version more advanced, additionally designed 3D rollers increase the ability to massage the back moving along the spatial axis of 3 lengths, width, depth creating more professional massage exercises than 2D rollers. The seats with 3D rollers are also scanned body, size format, the height of the user, automatically adjusts the chair to fit each body.

You can learn more through the article on: What is the difference between massage chairs using 2D, 3D, and 4D rollers?

4D roller was born a big step in the history of massage chair industry. This is the most modern generation of rollers, perfect for users to experience a real massage like the hands of a professional massage therapist. In addition to massage features such as 3D rollers, 4D rollers can expand the working area in the curved parts of the body such as the neck, back of the neck, waist, thighs, etc. generations of rollers have never been made.

4D rollers move in the upper / lower, left / right, inside / out, front / top directions, scalable up to 7cm in normal positions and up to 10cm for thigh positions , bring a better user experience. Therefore, despite the high cost, but massage chairs with 4D roller technology is still the first choice of the majority of customers today.


In addition to differences in movement direction and impact, 4D rollers are integrated with many modern massage technologies:

Ultra-long SL roller: With old massage chairs (S roller), the roller will operate from the top of the head to the waist. However, 4D massage chairs are usually designed with SL roller technology that runs from the top of the head, through the waist, buttocks to the thigh area, close to your knees. The length of the SL roller can be up to 135cm, providing about 50% more massage area than the S roller.

2-layer acupoint scan mode: In addition to being fitted with a acupoint position sensor, some 4D rollers in high-end massage chairs also have a 2-layer acupoint scan mode. Not only determining the height of the user's body, the 4D roller also helps to position the acupuncture points exactly on each body point, giving you a more perfect experience.

Provides a variety of roller customization modes: With 4D roller technology, users can freely customize the roller to their liking with a variety of options for adjusting the strength, width, intensity and speed. This has great significance in caring for each person's specific body areas.

Heat roller along the way: A regular massage chair, heating mode for the body is designed in the waist or palm, feet. But with 4D roller design seats, heat is designed according to the roller. Where the roller works, radiates heat there, ensuring more heated and more efficient area.

 Heat roller


Zero gravity massage posture, which is a reclining position at an angle of 130 to 135 degrees between the abdomen and thigh, thereby greatly reducing the gravity acting on the spine and body.


The invention of zero gravity posture is a major step in the history of the establishment and development of the massage chair industry. This is the perfect posture to relax. In this position when the knee is raised above the chest will optimize your blood flow, to relax the body even more. This will in turn help maximize the intensity of the massage and reduce the pressure along the spine.

Not only that, the benefits of a massage chair when massage in this gravity position also bring incredible effects: increasing blood circulation, reducing pressure on the spine, improving the respiratory system, ..

Massage chairs are a product for all ages and all family members. However, each age has its own needs and physical characteristics. Therefore, when choosing to buy massage chairs need to pay attention to the age of the user to be able to choose the most appropriate massage chair.

A lot of people think: massage chairs are products used only for the elderly, the elderly. However, that concept is completely wrong. Today, everyone but children, needs massage chairs to relieve physical and mental stress in life. In general, there are 2 age groups with differences in criteria for choosing massage chairs as follows:


For this age group, the need for massage is quite diverse due to the relatively wide audience and the many body problems encountered. From the need for a relaxing massage to the entire body to the need to take care of a specific area. These subjects need to choose a variety of massage chair models with a variety of exercises and movements, flexibility in changing working positions with many customized modes of intensity and speed.

Most of the users in this group have good stamina, so their bodies also require a strong working roller, along with a tight airbag massage system. In addition, this group of people is also busy people. They prefer products that incorporate modern technology on massage chairs such as bluetooth music speakers, USB charging technology, smartphone stands, etc. so that it can be easily combined with relaxation and relaxation massage to life. and work.

Some models are suitable for young users and members of Okasa massage chair brand: Okasa OS 168 Plus, Okasa OS 168 Plus, Okasa OS 268 Plus, Okasa OS 368, Okasa OS 468, Okasa OS 568 , ..


Products specifically for this age also have a lot of difference. Most people, the elderly and the elderly, (about 70 years of age) have weak health and poor stamina. Therefore, they need products with all the most basic features, with friendly control panels, easy to use. At the same time, the working force of rollers and airbags is usually designed to be softer and softer than other massage chair models.

Designing massage chairs for the elderly and the elderly often indispensable features such as thermal massage, full body air massage (full body air), vibration massage, ..

Grasping this practical demand, Okasa massage chairs have launched products suitable for the elderly and the elderly. Users can choose Okasa models to feel the gentle, smooth roller feel and the feeling of real massage like a skillful hand of a professional massage therapist. Or if you choose to buy massage chairs when you are limited financially, you can also consider some mid-range massage chairs such as Max616plus, Max684S, Max684plus, ... massage chairs for middle-aged people over 70

In the market of massage chairs, Okasa massage chairs are the pioneer distributor in the wave of bringing Japanese massage chairs and home healthcare equipment to Vietnamese consumers. Over 10 years of efforts, Okasa massage chairs have increasingly affirmed their name and position in countless other massage chair brands, becoming a prestigious and reliable brand of every family.*&

Okasa massage chair is the distributor of 2 leading Japanese massage chair brands: Okasa massage chair and Kiwami massage chair, with the largest number of models displayed in Showroom on the market (up to more than 10 models). Come to Okasa massage chair, you can freely choose the chairs with the most satisfactory features for yourself and your family. In this article, we will advise on how to choose an Okasa massage chair suitable for your age to help customers easily make the most accurate choice when choosing to buy massage chairs.

As such, choosing to buy massage chairs should also pay attention to the age of the user. Depending on the age and needs of each individual user to choose the appropriate model for each specific object. In some specific cases, it is necessary to base on the specific condition of each individual to make the most accurate choice.


You are in need of buying massage chairs in Ho Chi Minh but do not know which brand of massage chairs is good and which addresses are reliable. This makes it difficult and not easy for you to decide to buy a massage chair that is financially appropriate and makes you feel confident.

Currently massage chairs have become a popular product on the market, many people know and use. Therefore, there are many massage chair brands in Ho Chi Minh City, but choosing a good brand is not easy. There are places where massage chairs are sold in Ho Chi Minh City, they only focus on shopping malls, not sure if the product is good or not, but when you have a seat problem, seek warranty or service policy. Their warranty makes you feel so much hard.

So where is the place to sell massage chairs in Ho Chi Minh? Warranty policy and product quality make you feel secure

Here I would like to introduce the address with the No. 1 brand in Vietnam and especially the large showroom system in Ho Chi Minh. This address will definitely solve the problem you are assigning to choose the most suitable massage chair.

Okasa is the No. 1 massage chair brand in Vietnam with 15 years of distribution, 8 years of retail, more than 20 product models, 2 brands of massage chairs, more than 300 health care products and more than one million customers in Vietnam. Male. Okasa distributes 2 product lines of massage chairs and dozens of other brands: Inada massage chairs Japan; Okasa Japanese massage chairs and other brands: Citizen, Arkray, Tanita, Mobicool ...



Okasa is the only massage chair company in Vietnam that is trusted by the majority of people. What makes customers choose us over another massage chair brand - THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE IN MASSAGE CHAIR PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY.

Okasa products are preferred by most buyers and users around the world. Inada invests a lot of resources in R&D (research and development) by using senior staff of famous Japanese university professors such as Osaka University to research and create products. inada massage chair helps improve health thanks to acupuncture technology, traditional Japanese art massage -Shiatshu.



- 5 year warranty with Inada massage chairs, 2 years with Okasa massage chairs

- Customer support system of products and services is available 24 hours a day

- A team of skilled technicians trained genuine nationwide

- Lifetime maintenance of products at home.

"This is also a replacement for Okasa's commitment to product quality."

The international award of Okasa massage chairs


Okasa Vietnam is proud to have won the trust of domestic customers with a series of important awards of the people: THE VIETNAMESE HEALTH AWARDS ...

Be smart, smart consumers choose for themselves a reliable and reputable address, place to buy. This helps consumers buy a quality massage chair, reasonable price suitable for the whole family to use.

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